November 26, 2020


During this holiday season, we all know that lots of social drinking takes place. Often, it’s not responsible. Louisiana has as one of the highest percentages of drunk drivers and accidents involving drunk drivers in the nation. We pay through higher insurance rates. But we also pay in loss of lives in serious injury. What could be done to stop the outrageous Numbers of drunk drivers? I take it look at some of the solutions in this week’s column. You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above or by Clicking Here.

Got My Thanksgiving Pumpkin Ready!

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m a big pumpkin pie a guy. I can eat pumpkin pie all year long but I save it up for the holidays. Not the healthiest thing to eat, but it sure taste good. Here’s my group of pumpkins for the year. Good eating to take place.

Ah, Password Problems!

 Trying to set a password

WINDOWS: Please enter your new password

USER: cabbage

WINDOWS: Sorry, the password must be more than 8 characters.

USER: boiled cabbage

WINDOWS: Sorry, the password must contain 1 numerical character.

USER: 1 boiled cabbage

WINDOWS: Sorry, the password cannot have blank spaces.

USER: 50frickingboiledcabbages

WINDOWS: Sorry, the password must contain at least one upper case character.

USER: 50FRICKINGboiledcabbages

WINDOWS: Sorry, the password cannot use more than one upper case character consecutively.

USER: 50FrickingBoiledCabbagesShovedUpYourAssIfYouDon’tGiveMeAccessNow!

WINDOWS: Sorry, the password cannot contain punctuationUSER: ReallyPissedOff50FrickingBoiledCabbagesShovedUpYourAssIfYouDontGiveMeAccessNow

WINDOWS: Sorry, that password is already in use.

November 18, 2020


You’ve heard of the domino effect haven’t you? Well it could be about to take place in Louisiana. With the retirement of New Orleans congressman Cedric Richmond, there’s an opportunity for a number of things to happen. Who else from Louisiana could be considered to receive an appointment by the president? Is our present Louisiana governor in the mix? And if he is, what happens next? I raise a number of these questions in my new column. You could read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above or by Clicking Here.

Julia Reed-A Special Person.

My friend of many years Julia Reed passed away recently from cancer at the age of 59. She was certainly one of the most interesting, entertaining, and full of life people I ever met.  She was a marvelous writer of southern life, and her columns appeared in newspapers and magazines all over the nation. Julia was simply a larger than life personality, and so much fun to be around. She was a Mississippi girl, born in Greenville and spent much of her time between her long time at home there and down in New Orleans. I sure will miss my dear friend.

Super Chef John Besh!

Celebrity Chef John Besh was in town for a special cooking event this week.  The Chef always calls me for a few cooking tips when he’s in town.  (Yeah, right!)

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