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February 10, 2016



Political correctness seems to be all the range as certain areas of the nation, both north and south, want to rewrite our national history. Flags coming down. Confederate statutes? Got to go. Even ole’ Christopher Columbus is under assault by some who want to do away with national Columbus Day. So what’s a reasonable approach? I talk about it in my new column now posted. Take a look by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

Weekend Radio Schedule!


Sundays Radio Weekend is shaping up well, with the review of big events that took place this past week. The Super Bowl, political primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire, Mardi Gras, Sunday Valentine Day, and much more. Author Bill Muckler will join us to discus the presidential debates and his new book, “20/20: A Clear Vision for America.” See more by Clicking Here. And John Horvat will bring in religion and politics with a discussion of his book,  Return to Order, by Clicking Here. Check local listings for times and stations. See you on the radio!

A Great Mardi Gras!

Well, I hope you had a pleasant Mardi Gras. That is, if you live in the south, and some Midwestern cities that are adopting the annual Fat Tuesday tradition. I spent Mardi Gras day in the heart of the French Quarter in downtown New Orleans with a  number family and friends. If you have never been, it’s well worth the trip to see the greatest free show on earth.  There will be another early Mardi Gras next year on Tuesday, February 28. Mark it on your calendar and try to come. You can check out some of my photos of all the fun we had in New Orleans this past Tuesday.


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And then came all the cleaning up beginning at midnight.


February 3, 2016



Ah, what could’ve been in the deepest of the deep southern states certainly that could have had the first presidential primary in America. And can you imagine? All the candidates and busloads of the press crisscrossing the state spending not just millions, but hundreds of millions of dollars. A huge economic bonanza for the Bayou State. But because of petty political ambitions by selfish politicians, it wasn’t to be. Louisiana passed, and gave up the bountiful benefits of being the first state in the nation to hold a presidential primary. You can read all about what the state missed in my new column now posted. Go to the Red Flashing Box above, or Click Here.

Weekend Radio Programing!


It’s Mardi Gras weekend and the “Common Sense” show will be broadcast live from the French Quarter in the heart of New Orleans. It’s simply the greatest free show on earth and we will have some lively and colorful commentary. Several guests will join us. Dr. James Forsythe will lead a discussion o the value of medical marijuana. ( Then Dr. Bill Thomas will discuss why there is nothing wrong with growing old, and that aging is merely an extended third phase of life. See And are you ready for the Superbowl? Professor Dom Carisit will help us figure out why advertisers spend up to $ 5million for a 30 second ad. So join us by checking your local listings for times and stations.

Day The Music Died!


I wanted to take some time this week on my syndicated radio show to remember back. To many of us, this was the week that, according to the lyrics in Don McLean’s famous song, … the infamous “day the music died”. Fifty-seven years ago on February 3rd, the great Buddy Holly died in a terrible plane crash. It was an early tragedy in rock music, but it sure wasn’t the last. Buddy was a Texas boy who changed the world of music for all of us. He died with to other music icons of the 60s, Richie Valens and J.P. Richardson (The Big Bopper). Just a few years later came Glenn Frey who formed The Eagles. I’ve loved this group for many years and always reminds me to never give up living care free life. Glenn died last week at 67. Check out belowWaylon Jennings talking about the death of Holly and others.

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