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September 17, 2014



So are we in America about to open up a whole new chapter in the Middle Eastern war saga? What has eleven years in Iraq taught us, at a cost of some seven trillion dollars and who knows how many people killed. How big a threat is this barbarian group ISIS? It was terrible the killings they did to American journalists. But are we operating with our emotions or a plan for our own safety? There are way too many questions that need answering, both by the President as well as members of congress. Take a look at my new column where I list a number of questions that, so far, we as Americans have received no answers. You can read the column now by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

Common Sense Radio Weekend!


Radio Weekend is about here, and we look forward to having you join us if you can to make a little “Common Sense” about the world around us. How much more do we get involved in the Middle East? We spent some seven trillion dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan and what do we have to show for it? Should America jump into the Syrian civil war? And how big a threat is ISIS? We will talk about it.


Then, we will talk about a new book about what it would be like if you didn’t age; “NO TIME TO DIE” By Kira Peikoff. Science has barely begun to unlock the secrets written in our DNA. Researchers are relentlessly hunting for the answers to chronic diseases, cancer, rare disorders and the biggest mystery of them all—aging—but at what cost? Bioethicist Peikoff asks the most troubling scientific question of our time in this taut thriller: when does medicinecross the line? Read more about this book by Clicking Here.


Then we must talk more about the Middle East.  Don Liebich is a non-partisan Middle East foreign policy expert and the author of ‘Fault Lines: The Layman’s Guide to Understanding America’s Role in the Ever-Changing Middle East‘.  Read all about it by Clicking Here. See you on the radio.





September 16, 2014

Louisiana Secretary of State!

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 7.51.01 PM

One of the most enjoyable jobs I had when I was in public life in Louisiana, was serving for eight years as the Secretary of State. Is it important job, dealing with handling the entire election process, being the state’s chief historian and keeper of all the state archives, and being the top business officer. That’s been over 25 years ago, and I’ve watched other Secretary of State’s come and go. The current secretary, my good friend Tom Schedler, has done excellent job. I hosted a reception for him this past week in Baton Rouge with a number of others who support Tom.

September 10, 2014



Can you believe that the top five happiest cities in the U. S. include Lafayette, Houma, Shreveport, Baton Rouge and Alexandria and Lake Charles are all located in Louisiana? I know we Red Necks and Cajuns have a good time and all, but is the rest of the nation not letting the good times roll like we do down in the Bayou State? The unhappiest? New York City. What? The Big Apple? How can that be? Check out my new column just published with all the inside scoop as to who’s happy and who’s not so happy. You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

Weekend “Common Sense” Radio!


Radio “Common Sense” weekend is close at hand and we have full show of controversial issues to discuss. Welcome again to our new Fairbanks, Alaska station KFAR, 660 AM.  This is really the “Last Frontier” so we are glad you folks “North to Alaska” as the song goes will join us.  And what about the President and his slowness in reacting to the bloodshed in a number of countries. How far should the U.S. go? Is Obama offering solid leadership? Tune in and we will talk.


Author Sidney Powell joins us to discuss the continuing cover-ups by the Justice Department and the IRS. Her book, Licensed to Lie-Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice, is a tell all about prosecutors who are flat out of control. Read all about her book by Clicking Here.


Then we will end with author Mathew Burrows, a 25 year CIA veteran, who pent ten years at the National Intelligence Council (NIC), analyzing the most pressing challenges facing our world. His book, THE FUTURE, DECLASSIFIED, lays bare all that is at stake for America’s standing in the world, and for ordinary Americans who want to maintain their quality of life in the face of unprecedented change. Read more by Clicking Here.   So tune in for a lively show.

September 9, 2014

Big League Baseball in Boston!

There’s always something special about attending a major-league baseball game. Those of you that read this column regularly know that I’m a diehard at spring training each year over in Florida to see a number of major league baseball teams. Last week, I had the pleasure of taking in the Boston Red Sox at their home field in Fenway Park up in Boston. They were playing the Toronto Blue Jays. You can check me out at Fenway Park above. And I’m also pictured with Toronto relief pitcher Erin Loupe, who hails from Hahnville, Louisiana. We had lunch in Boston before he headed to Fenway, and pitched several innings in relief. The baseball season is coming to an end, but I certainly will be over in Florida for spring training in 2015.



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