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October 1, 2014



With tax dollars scarce in Louisiana, this might be an excellent time to streamline on the state and local levels. Just how many boards, commissions, water districts, sewer districts, parish auditors, law enforcement offices, and other special districts are spread throughout Louisiana? Would you believe that no agency, public or private, can list all the public bodies that exist in Louisiana today? And if no one knows that number, then it goes without saying that no one can even begin to know the overlapping costs. Should the state consider streamlining and consolidating? That’s the focus of my new column this week. You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.


September 24, 2014


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We’ve been following all the domestic violence that is seething out of the National Football League. But how about federal judges who are every bit as violent with their spouses, and other judges who feel that have the right to demand special consideration? There are many competent judges across the country, but there are also some real whackos that can taint the entire federal judiciary. You and I deserve better. Much, much better. Check out my new column on a wave of questionable conduct by these high and mighty jurists who get their job for life. You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

“Common Sense” Radio Update!


Fall is in the air, but the Common Sense Radio Weekend Show won’t stop to smell the roses. We have a full program set for this Sunday’s show. Just who is this ISIS, and how big a threat are they really to U.S. citizens? Howard Bloom is a Middle East scholar who has a new book called The Mohammed Code. In it, he discusses the long and short-term consequences of ISIS. How do the powers of ISIS are different than that of al-Qaeda? And can we define the goals of ISIS? He will join us to discuss all these questions. More on the book by Clicking Here.


Then we will talk with Nick Yarris who as on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. He 
shared a cell with Ted Bundy. He was on Death Row for
 21 years, until DNA proved he was innocent.  Yarris escaped Death Row at age 24, 
and was the subject of a man-hunt on the FBI’s Most
Wanted List. He was recaptured and later became the
 first inmate on death row to ask for DNA testing. It 
took 16 years for him to be exonerated when DNA test 
results showed he couldn’t have committed the crime he
was serving time for. Yarris tells his story in the new
book “7 Days to Live.” More on the book by Clicking Here.


And, as we always do, we will update you with facts, sarcasm, and humor on the week’s events. So be sure and tune in. Check your local listings for times and stations.


September 23, 2014

Just Getting Started at 99!


                                                 One of my heroes is Ida Keeling.

She’s 99 years old! NINETY NINE! She STARTED running at age 67. She just broke the record of the 100M sprint in her age group. (Can’t imagine there are too many 90 years olds competing, but nevertheless) THIS inspires me and motivates me to be the BEST I can be at ANY age. Mind you, she STARTED running at age 67, so for all of you who might think its too late, its NEVER too late!

Refuses to support his Dad?

Talk about an ingrate. At the 2014 Texas Tribune Festival, George P. Bush, the Republican nominee for Land Commissioner, said he wouldn’t endorse his father, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, should he decide to run for president in 2016. He himed and hawed, then said he wouldn’t endorse anyone. Hey George!  It’s YOUR FATHER! What kind of politician wouldn’t ben support his own dad, particularly when Jeb Bush is a pretty darn good potential candidate. If he hasn’t the gumption to support his own Dad, he needs to quite running for public office.  Plus, if you look at the video below, he looks and talks like a wimp.

September 17, 2014



So are we in America about to open up a whole new chapter in the Middle Eastern war saga? What has eleven years in Iraq taught us, at a cost of some seven trillion dollars and who knows how many people killed. How big a threat is this barbarian group ISIS? It was terrible the killings they did to American journalists. But are we operating with our emotions or a plan for our own safety? There are way too many questions that need answering, both by the President as well as members of congress. Take a look at my new column where I list a number of questions that, so far, we as Americans have received no answers. You can read the column now by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

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