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October 29, 2014


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Just about everyone live and breathes politics down in Louisiana-right? It’s been portrayed as a way of life and part of the DNA of Cajuns and Red Necks alike. It’s pure entertainment all year round. The Bayou State must certainly have the highest rate of voter participation in the country. But surprisingly, that’s not the case.  Check out my new column, where I discuss the changing Louisiana scenario. You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

Radio Weekend Schedule!


What a weekend of lively radio topics coming up. It’s Halloween and the spooks are all around us. Election Day is on the countdown and we will talk about what issues have been completely ignored by politico wannabes all across the country. Will the Republican take control of the U.S. Senate? I’ll make my predictions on our Sunday program.


 Should medical marijuana be legalized across the country is it is in a number of states? It’ a big issue down here in my home state of Louisiana. And pot on the ballot in several states this November. We will talk about the myths and the reality surrounding medical marijuana with Jeffrey Feiler, founder and CEO of Grass Roots Ventures, Inc., to discuss the issues from a law and business standpoint.


 You know the president has his own chef, but did know there’s also a White House dentist!  Dr. Nicholas Toscano has had his hands in the mouths of some of the most famous smiles in the country including George W.Bush and Bill and Hilary Clinton. As the former White House periodontist, Dr. Toscano can tell your listeners how celebrities and politicians get their white smiles, the worst food and beverages that damage or discolor teeth, and surprising things that can make your breathless than stellar.  So join us for an issue packed program. Check local listening for times and stations.

Trick or Treat!

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Well Halloween is almost here. Are you ready? I’m a big trick or treater with the neighborhood kids coming by in droves to receive the goodies we put out. And we have lots of pumpkins. How does yours stack up? I’ll bet my pumpkin is bigger than your pumpkins!

Should Incumbents Be Re-elected?


Election Day is fast approaching, and there is a lot on the line for the politicians running, and the country as a whole. I’ve been preaching each week on my national radio show that voters should think long and hard as to whether to vote for any incumbent. If we are going to get merely the same old, same old from these guys and gals who have bogged down the country in stalemate, then maybe its time to clean house. Check out my flag and see if you agree.

October 22, 2014


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Have you voted yet? People all over America are taken manage of early voting in this coming Congressional election. In my new column, I tell you about my experience in earlier this week. And how about all this controversy over needing to have a voter I.D.? Is it a real burden for some voters that keep them away from the polls? Do they have a legitimate argument? Check out my view. Plus, in Louisiana, voters have to decide on amending the state constitution. I say a big waste of time and I tell you why. So check out my new column now posted by going to the Red Flashing Box above or by Clicking Here.

October 21, 2014

Big Radio Show Weekend!


It’s the countdown until the nationwide congressional Election Day on November 3rd. Will the Republicans take over control of the U.S. Senate? Will Democrats hold their own in races across the country? And of course, underlying all these elections are so many national and international issues. Ebola has made the country forget about open warfare in many parts of the Middle East. We will talk about it all on this weekend’s “Common Sense” radio program.


The Evolution of a Revolutionis a new book by Lance Simmens, a 40-year senior level policy, political, and governmental expert, which contains startling and critical insight into a country hungry for change and disappointed by the very change it receives. Where can we go in the months to come to stop the gridlock all over America? You can read all about the book by Clicking Here.

 And are you thinking about getting a tattoo? Forty five million Americans have one. Why al the new wave of getting inked up? Larry Schwartz in the director of a new film, “Tattoo Nation” that gives the history of the “art of the flesh.” You can  check out the film in the trailer below. So join us for a lively show. See you on the radio.

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