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February 25, 2015



The question for the day: Does the Good Lord need politicians to pontificate and help him out? Apparently, a number of governors and other elected officials seem to think so. Prayer rallies seem to be springing up on a regular basis. Now there is nothing wrong with prayer. We need much more of it. But what about politicians who making it a part of their official duties?   Does this cross the line in the separation of church and state? Read my new column now posted. You can read it by going to the Flashing Red Box above or by Clicking Here.

Radio Show Program Schedule!


First of all let me welcome a new station to the “Common Sense” network, WRMN-1410 AM in Elgin, Illinois in the suburbs of Chicago. We have a growing listenership throughout the Midwest, and we sure are glad to have these Midwesterners join us each week.

 Tax season is close at hand, unfortunately, and we will have tax experts Ali Hashemian join us to answer questions about how you can save on your taxes. Also, , we will be joined by Kiplinger Newsletter Deputy Managing Editor David Morris, who will discuss future trends in finance and world affairs, with particular emphasis on the turmoil in the Middle East. So join us for a lively program.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 6.55.26 PM

This Guy can Sing!


Are you a Michael Bolton fan? The crooner has been around for a good while and has had numerous hit songs. And he is really a busy guy. Multiple Grammy Award-winning Singer, Songwriter and Social Activist, who has sold more than 53 million albums and singles worldwide, continues to tour the world every year, all while writing, recording and taping for a wide array of projects spanning music, film, television and theater. He performed in my hometown here in Baton Rouge last weekend, and we had the chance to visit. My favorite of his melodies, Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay below.

America’s Mayor Stumbles!

Screen Shot 2012-01-28 at 9.37.09 AM

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani rightly has held the title for a number of years as “America’s Mayor.” I’ve always liked Rudy, and have had the chance to visit with him on several occasions. When 9/11 happened, there probably could not of been a better person to lead a rally of renewal than the Mayor. I also like what he did in cleaning up New York and instituting a ”No broken windows” policy. Clean up crime, big and small.

 Having said all this, I think he crossed the line, and went way overboard in questioning whether or not President Obama loves America. A lot of us disagree with many of the things the President has proposed. He’s been a big disappointment. But saying he does not love America is not productive, reflexes badly on Giuliani, and is just wrong. Maybe it’s his way of trying to stay relevant. But in this controversy, Mayor Giuliani made a big mistake.

February 18, 2015



So it should be mandatory that everyone in America speaks English-right? Well, according to Louisiana’s ambitious governor and presidential candidate, Bobby Jindal, you should speak English or ship out. But if Jindal would hang around his home state a little more, he would notice that a number of languages are spoken here in the Bayou State. Of course Cajun French, but many other languages are openly spoken. Take a look at my new column that tells politicians to quit telling what we can and cannot speak. You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.  Also, check out the humorous video below on speaking English.

Weekend Radio Program!



“Common Sense Radio Weekend is shaping up nicely, with a lively list of guests and topics. I want to take close look at the Middle East and how on earth a small band of a Islamic radicals called ISIS has the whole world focused on their destruction and mayhem. What is it they want, and how do we bring and end to the chaos that is now seeping outside the Middle East?


Why is it liberals and conservatives can no longer get along? In his new book, The Great Divide: Why Liberals and Conservatives Will Never, Ever, Agree, renowned author William Gairdner explains why the chasm between the two ideologies is wider than ever and helps adherents of both get past the shouting and outrage to the point of civil discourse—even if they never agree. Find out more on the book by Clicking Here.


And are you really cold this winter? After trying different ways to stay warm outdoors, Harvey Huffenblum knew there had to be a better he created the first ever lozenge that keeps you warm. “B-warm is a revolutionary new formula that helps give you the positive warming affect of niacin, Simply, take 1-2 lozenges every 30-60 minutes” Huffenblum says. Check it out by Clicking Here.  Anything to this? We will find out. So be sure to tune in. Check you local guide for stations and times on Sunday. See you on the radio.


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