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November 26, 2015



We always are told about the winners, but you just cannot ignore the losers, can you? And in the recent Louisiana gubernatorial election, there were some big-time losers who really fell flat. I list a few of them in my new column. Obviously, Senator David Vitter leads the list. But take a look at some of the others who fell by the wayside. You can read the column now by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

November 24, 2015

Radio Program Schedule!


This weekend’s post Thanksgiving “Common Sense” program is shaping up well with a number of topics to discuss. Amanda Gutterman, Editorial Director at Slant News, will discuss just what do millennials think about terrorism & the Paris attacks. Then “America’s Money Answers Man,” Jordan Goodman, a nationally recognized expert on personal finance, will discuss all of the financial/economic implications of the Paris bombing. Finally, should retail stores close on Thanksgiving? We will discuss with Krish Dhanam, a workplace culture expert. So be sure and tune in.  Check local listings for times and stations.  See you on the radio!

Campbell on the Speech Circuit!

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Daughter Campbell has been traveling the country talking about educational reform.Campbell Brown encouraged students to work hard, take risks and follow their passions at Linda E. McMahon’s lecture series, “Women Can Have It All,” recently at the Forum in the Frank and Marisa Martire Business & Communications Center at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut. You can read about her speech by Clicking Here.  And to read more of Campbell’s multiple activities, Click Here.

Protecting Our Freedoms!

Columnist and freedom fighter John Whitehead has been a guest on my syndicated radio program, and is one of the nations leading voices on government intrusion into our basic freedoms and right to privacy. Check out his engaging and cncerning vido below.

November 18, 2015


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Well, the fat lady finally sang to finish off the quixotic campaign of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal as he undertook a futile effort to run for president. The guy really never had a chance. This is not the year of a governor on the presidential circuit. And Jindal had lost virtually all his political support back home. I take a close look at the rise and fall of one of Louisiana’s most promising governors. He could’ve done so much, get he accomplished so little. You can read my column now by either going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

Weekend Radio Schedule!


Weekend Radio is close at hand. We hope you will be able to join us for a lively program. First up are repercussions from the Paris Terrorist attacks. Amanda Gutterman, editorial director of Slant Magazine will join me to discuss just what millennials think about these attacks and how engaged they are. See more by Clicking Here.

Then we will talk with America’s money answer man, Jordan Goodman, a nationally recognized expert in personal finance. I want to know what affect the recent terrorist attacks are having on our economic and financial future. Finally, what was your response over the closing by many businesses on Thanksgiving Day? I think it’s a great idea. Let those employees stay home with their families. Workplace culture expert Krish Dhanam will join us to discuss. So tune in.

Texas Outlaw Country Music!


I really enjoy listening to somewhat eccentric outlaw Texas singers. Ramsey Midwood is one of the best. We had a nice visit during his recent gig at the Red Dragon Listening Room last weekend in Baton Rouge. I hope he comes back to play again soon. Check out his unique style in the video below.

November 11, 2015



Well the Louisiana Republican Party is in open warfare against a candidate for governor who has endorsed a democrat. Republican Lt. Governors Jay Dardenne, after a bruising first primary, has now endorsed Re. John Bell Edwards, and the GOP top honchos say Dardenne has betrayed the cause? But don’t both parties do this? And how about crooked elections? I talk about both these issues in my new column now posted. Read it by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

Weekend Radio Program Schedule!


A full agenda for our weekend “Common Sense” radio show. So we just had Friday the 13th. Why is this day considered show unlucky? I’ll talk to Dr. Tiffany Sanders who’s a licensed psychologist out of Chicago about why so many people have this view of what we thought was just an average day in the week. Then we are going to explore why it took so long for the US and Cuba to open up and restore diplomatic ties. Dr. John Gronbeck-Tedesco is an expert on our relations with Cuba and will help me review.


Finally, I’ve always loved a good hot dog. What are they now considered bad for you? Nutrition counselor Kathryn Guylay will help us with the pros and cons of eating hot dogs and meeting general. So tune in for lively show. Check local listings for times and stations. We will see you on the radio.

A Visual Tour Across the U.S!

A lot of us take for granted the beauty that is found all over America. I’ve traveled to about every state in the nation, but still find so many places I have yet to discover. Here’s a marvelous panorama of the country that I think you will enjoy. Take a look below.

November 4, 2015


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Is it time to open up the prison doors and let all non-violent convicts out? Many politicians are saying so to save money. Is that a justifiable reason to cut sentences or move many prisons in to re-hab programs? And just who is a non-violent felon? Is the driver of the getaway car at a bank robbery non –violent? There are many unanswered questions in this whole prison reform debate. I raise a number of these questions in my new column. You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above or by Clicking Here.

Radio Program schedule!


Hey, we have a lively program this weekend. Have you heard of approval voting? Voters can vote for as many candidates as they want. Aaron Hamlin, director of The Center for Election Science will join us. Then we will explore the pros and cons of being in a relationship with someone who has opposing political views with Psychologist Dr. Frieda Birnbaum. And we will lend by talking about national “Love your Lawyer Day.” No Joke, with attorney Nader Anise, executive director of the American Lawyers Public Image Association. So be sure and tune in.

Most Famous College Football Run!



How better to spend a rainy Halloween night in Baton Rouge than with the guy who made probably the most famous touchdown run in college football history 56 years ago on a similar rainy Halloween night? I was with the Tiger legend at the Louisiana Book Festival on Saturday, the same time All American Billy Cannon made his famous run in Tiger Stadium. Check out his famous run below.

October 28, 2015



So you have a party and no one shows up? That’s what it felt like way down in Louisiana last week, when a big gubernatorial election took place. It seems like nobody cared. Only 38% of registered voters even showed up. And many more are not registered. So what to do? How do you get more people to register and show up to vote? Check out my ideas in my new column. You can read it now by Clicking Here or by going to the Red Flashing Box above.

Radio Weekend Program Schedule!


It’s close to time for Weekend Radio, and we sure have a lot to discuss with you. Is the U.S. declining in a number of categories? Many think so. Let’s talk about it. And how about these new studies showing too much red meat and processed foods can cause you to have a significant cancer risk? Dr. Gerald Edelman, who has been a guest on our show before, will give us his opinion. His website is found by Clicking Here.


Then we will talk about A new political book, 20/20: A Clear Vision for America written by Bill Muckler, that flips the current political climate on its head, outlining bipartisan solutions for everything from immigration to tax reform using the process consultants use on businesses and applying it to government. You can read more about it by Clicking Here. So join us for a lively program. See you on the radio.

What a Beautiful World!

Despite all the problems  throughout the world, it’s still a pretty cool place to live and to observe the spectacular beauty all around us.  A friend sent me this video, and it’s worth putting all your other work on the back burner, and just take a few minutes to observe.  Time well taken.

October 21, 2015


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So a new governor comes into office with a legislature that is confused over how to solve Louisiana’s financial mess. And boy, it is some mess! Say, two billion dollars in debt. That ain’t chump change by any means. So what to do? Does the legislature continue to live from year to year, just putting s finger in the fiscal dyke that is about to break wide open? There are some ways out of this financial chaos. Take a look at my new column. You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

Weekend Radio Schedule!


Well it’s pre-Halloween weekend to make some “Common Sense” out of the news for all you listeners. Do ghosts really haunt homes? Do dead relatives try to communicate with the living? Are near-death experiences real? Louisa Oakley Green will share stories of real people experiencing other-worldly visitors and glimpses into the other side. See her new book, “Sightseeing in the Undiscovered Country” by Clicking Here.


And then, with so much spying going all over the nation, we will discuss whether we must give up our liberties in exchange for safety. Ex military contractor Larry Correia will join us. His new book is part of an international series called the “Grimnoir Chronicles,” and you can read more by Clicking Here. So tune in for a lively show. Check local listings for times and stations. See you on the radio.

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America’s Best College Football Player!

If you follow college football, you surely are aware of the fact that the leading runner and top favorite to win the Heisman Trophy this year is LSU’s running back, Leonard Fornette. This young sophomore is just awesome on the football field. Last week, he only ran for hundred 60 yards, and that was considered a bad day. Take a look at the video below, making a parody of how tough Fornette is. He is destined to be the most exciting college football players in recent years, and you should take the time to watch him in action. Some humor about him below.

October 14, 2015


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Can you believe, so little interest in the coming Louisiana gubernatorial election? In past elections, the turn out oven topped 75%. But on October 24th, don’t be surprised if the voter turn out is 45% or even lower. So what’s the problem? Why are not more Louisiana voters going to the polls to cast their choices? Check out my new column now posted to find out what I think. You can read it by Clicking on the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

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