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July 23, 2014

Good Music at the Red Dragon!


Ray Bonneville, a great southern blues singer, came to my hometown this past week for a solo concert at the Red Dragon. I’ve heard Ray perform on several occasions. He stops the rhythm with both feet, plays the harmonica, and is a first rate guitar picker. Below is a song about New Orleans.

Ah, to Be So Active!

I hope to have all the energy you can see in this delightful older gentleman in the video below. I certainly agree with the premise that you are only as old as you feel. Seeing him on the dance floor, he still has a lot of living to do. Take a look.

July 16, 2014



Must be some big weather problems a comin’ down in the Bayou State.  Just has to be.  Why else would Louisiana property owners be stuck with sky rocketing insurance rates?  The state’s biggest insurer, State Farm, just went ahead and raised their rates on homes by as much of 20%.  What?  How can that be?  Check out my new column that tries to figure out what’s happening, and why the same increases are not taking place around the rest of the country.  You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or Clicking Here.

Weekend Radio Show Update!


Weekend Radio is fast approaching and we have a lively and active full-blown program for our listeners. There is so much in the news.  But how about this topic?  Is it necessary to believe in God in order to be a good, moral person? Unlike the rest of the industrialized countries surveyed by the Pew Research Center, the majority of people in the United States say yes – a belief in God is necessary to be good and moral.  Do you agree?  We will talk with David Dellit, author of “The Valentine Prophecies,” (  He will join us live from Australia.


The Middle East conflicts are moving west to Israel and Palestine, as warfare could well be close at hand.   Joshua Muravchik will join us who is author of Making David into Goliath: How the World Turned Against Israel, to help discuss this growing and troubling problem. Find out more by Clicking Here. So join us for an informative program.

Chilling Video of Smartphones and Driving!

I’m just amazed at the number of drivers who look down at cell phones, text, read email, all while they are driving.  Our smart phones have led to a dramatic increase in a number of highway deaths.  The video below is a chilling reminder of how irresponsible a driver can be.  Take a look.  It’s important.

Campbell Brown goes after teacher tenure in transition from journalist to advocate


The Wasington Post  published an in-depth article this week about daughter Campbell’s major battle with teacher’s unions in New York and her personal crusade to bring major changes to public education.  The article is well balanced, and worth a read.  You can see it by Clicking Here.

July 10, 2014

The Queen City of the South is under siege!

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Your heart has to go out to the poor average Joe living in New Orleans.  The Crescent City is in a battle to stay afloat as it deals with major street crime, corrupt politicians, and a dysfunctional criminal justice system where even federal officials can no longer be trusted.  And the murder rate, actually the terrorist attack rate, seems to be continually climbing.  I wrote about the dysfunction taking place in one of America’s great cities this week.  What to do?  Check out my new column now posted.  You can read it now by going to the Flashing Red Box above, or by Clicking Here.

Radio Show Weekend Schedule!


The Weekend Radio schedule will be posted on Friday.

Proud of Being in the Military!

Special holidays like the 4th of July always have, for good reason, a special acknowledgement of those military service men and women who have defended our country for so many years.  There are few veterans in congress today.  Most politicians reflect the comment of former Vice President Dick Cheney, who, when asked why he did to volunteer for the military, said he had “other priorities.”  They don’t think it’s all that important to serve one’s country.  Spoken like a true chicken hawk.  I’m proud of my military service.  The Army and the National Guard for 12 years.  From time to time, I get out my old uniform (it still fits).  Take a look at the moving video below about being proud of military service.

July 2, 2014



The rest of the nation has been grumbling for years over the massive federal bailouts that seem to go to hurricane prone states along the Gulf Coast year after year.  “Maybe those folks down there should pack up and move,” some Yankees have suggested.  But oh how the debate has changed.  Wildfires out west, tornadoes in the Midwest, flooding up the Mississippi River, earthquakes a continuing threat, and heavy storms back east.  Now the entire country is beginning to realize that there is no insolation from natural disasters.  So what to do?  I just might have a few ideas.  Checkout my new column now posted on how to deal with this growing problem.  You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

Weekend Radio Show!


Even though this is the 4thof July Weekend, we have prepared a full packed, lively program for our listeners.  I’ll be broadcasting from New York City and hope to meet a good number of our listeners who catch our program over WVNJ, 1160 AM in New York City as well as stations WPPG, 1400 AM and WENJ, both in Atlantic City.  We have a gumbo of topic, including immigration, the meaning of the 4th of July, this week’s Supreme Court Decision on contraceptives, a little religion, and much more.  So be sure and tune in.  Check local listings for times and stations.  See you on the radio.

Don’t Get Mad-Get Even! Yea!

A musician named Dave Carroll recently had difficulty with United Airlines.  Dave spent over 9 months trying to get United to pay for damages caused bybaggage handlers to his custom Taylor guitar.  During his final exchange with the United Customer Relations Manager, he stated that he was left with no choice other than to create a music video for YouTube exposing their lack of cooperation. The Manager responded: “Good luck with that one, pal.” So he posted a retaliatory video on YouTube. The video has since received over 6 million hits. United Airlines contacted the musician and attempted settlement in exchange for pulling the video. Naturally his response was: “Good luck with that one, pal.” Taylor Guitars sent the musician 2 new custom guitars in appreciation for  the product recognition from the video  that has led to a sharp increase in orders. Check out the video below.

July 1, 2014

4th of July to the British?

What Would America Be Like If We Lost The Revolutionary WarThe Brits are still smoldering over their loss and our yearly efforts to “rub it in.”  Since I was in school in England (Cambridge University), I had a jolly ole’ time rubbing it in, but my British friends didn’t think it was all that funny.  So, just what would it be like?  The Brit will tell you to imagine how great America would have been if Great Britain won the Revolutionary War.  Take a look at this tongue in cheek video below.

June 25, 2014



Twenty-Eight years ago this week, President Ronald Reagan traveled to West Berlin, and at the Brandenburg Gate admonished: “Mr.Gorbachev take down that wall.”  The Berlin Wall had been erected by the puppet soviet state of East Germany. Unless you are over sixty five or are a history buff, you may not understand the tensions that existed then had many observers feeling that we could be on the brink of war with the Soviet Union.  And would you believe?  I crossed that wall and almost caused an international incident.  Check out my new column by Clicking on the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

Radio Show Weekend!


It’s almost radio show time and we have arranged a jam-packed and interesting program for this weekend.  We begin with Dr. Joel Wallack, an internationally renowned health expert on genetics as well as the developer of a whole series of vitamins and minerals.  His new book is called  “EpiGenetics: The Death of the Genetic Theory of Disease Transmission,” and you can read all about it by Clicking Here.


 Then we will look at what America’s options are in the growing drama in Iraq.  Colonel Jack Jacobs, military adviser for NBC news will join us to consider the options.  Colonel Jacobs is the recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, and we will talk about his book, If Not Now, When?: Duty and Sacrifice in America’s Time of Need.”  More about the Colonel’s book by Clicking Here.


And we will also talk to a guest who was holed up in Bagdad last week and could not make the show. Sami Rasouli is the founder of the Muslim Peacekeeper Team, and he will give us a first hand evaluation. His website is found by Clicking Here.   So join us for a great program.

June 24, 2014

Daughter Campbell back in the Education News!


A new advocacy group is helping parents prepare a challenge to New York’s teacher tenure and seniority laws, contending that they violate children’s constitutional right to a sound basic education by keeping ineffective teachers in classrooms.  Campbell Brown, a former CNN anchor who has been a critic of job protections for teachers, launched the group, Partnership for Educational Justice, in December. She said six students have agreed to serve as plaintiffs, arguing they suffered from laws making it too expensive, time-consuming and burdensome to fire bad teachers.” Read all about her efforts by Clicking Here.

Great Music in Baton Bouge!


What a weekend for live music in my home city of Baton Rouge. A great show Friday night with Ramblin’ Jack Elliott playing at the Red Dragon Listening Room in downtown Baton Rouge. Ramblin’ Jack is 82 years old going on 30. I had the great pleasure of spending an hour listening to him spin past tales before the show. He mentored Bob Dylan and his best friend was Johnny Cash. I’ll bet no one knows and plays so many shows. Tip of the hat to Ramblin’ Jack. Check out his video below.


The night before, it was a treat to hear the Clair Lynch Band from Nashville. Long recognized and praised as a creative force in acoustic music, Claire Lynch is a pioneer who continually pushes the boundaries of the bluegrass genre. She is the reigning Female Vocalist of the Year for the International Bluegrass Music Association. Dolly Parton credits Claire with “one of the sweetest, purest and best lead voices in the music business today.” Listen to her below.

June 18, 2014



Iraq is imploding as Republicans and Democrats alike are scratching the heads as to what went wrong.  Meanwhile, party gridlock in Washington has brought any sense of responsible governing to a standstill.  The President faces what may well turn out to be his single biggest crisis during his time in office, and he spent most of last week vacationing on California golf courses.  Are we observing a freak show or what?  You can get my thoughts on the international mess by reading my new column now posted.  Go to the Red Flashing Box above, or Click Here.

And the video below is of news comedian Jon Stewart, and his  take on all those who created this mess in Iraq now speaking out, writing Op Ed pieces, and being interviewed about how to clean up the mess they in fact, created. Take a look.

Common Sense Radio Program!

Radio 5

Radio weekend is close with a number of topics on the front burner.  What, in the good Lord’s name, is happening in Iraq?  Things seem to be much worse from when the U.S. got involved, or when Prez Obama pulled our troops out.  The whole involvement has been a colossal mismanagement blunder.  So what are the options for America?  We will talk directly to Iraq with our guest, Sami Rasouli who is founder of the Muslim Peacemaker Teams in Iraq to get a first hand evaluation.

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And we will continue the immigration debate.  Texas Governor Rick Perry is moaning and groaning again about the federal government not stopping illegal immigrants cross the Tec-Mex border.  Then Ole’ Rick hollers about the 14th Amendment and tells the feds to stay out of Texas’ business.  Governor, what are you doing to stop all these illegals?  Or do you call on the feds only when it is convenient for you politically.  We will talk about the Texas two-faced approach.

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So all in all, a lively program set for Sunday.  Check your local listings for times and stations.  We hope to see you this weekend on the radio.

June 17, 2014

Having Fun Feeding the Alligators!

Well, there’s a big controversy down my way in the Louisiana swamps over feeding alligators. A local tour guy who takes folks through the alligator infested swamps just likes to jump in the water and feed these critters. And the Gators take food out of his month. Local game agents are appalled and think this is completely improper. Hey look. If some nut wants to jump in the water and be gator bait, let him at it. Your government being overly protective. Take a look at the video below and see what you think.

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