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December 17, 2014



So what do we do? Give up some of our key moral values as a nation to provide security? Do the ends justify the means? Has the world changed so that America must torture suspected terrorists if it is to protect its citizens? All timely and relevant questions with the newly released Senate Intelligence report concluding that, yes, the CIA does torture, and often. Does torture really work in gaining critical information? I take a look at a number of these issues in my new column now posted. You can read it by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.


Weekend Radio Program Schedule!


Our weekly radio program is approaching, and there will certainly be a lot to talk about this weekend. Renewing relations with Cuba brings up the whole immigration problem, and what we do with the millions of illegals in this country today. David Strange is a managing partner at the law firm of Whittenburg, Strange, & Walker, P.C., and adjunct professor of law at the Texas Tech University who has written “A Conservative and Compassionate Approach to Immigration Reform.” He will join us to discuss this growing problem. See more on his book by Clicking Here.


Then, we will slow down a bit, many people think of monastic life as a hopeless throwback to the past, a case of let the last monk or sister standing turn out the lights. Journalist and Pulitzer Prize finalist Judith Valente sees monasteries as a window to the future – one we desperately need in our society. Is there a role for a monastic life in your future? Check out her new book, “Atchison Blue: A Search for Silence, a Spiritual Home and a Living Faith.” Read more by Clicking Here.


After several weeks on the road, we are back at our home flagship station, Clear Channel’s WJBO, 1150 AM in Baton Rouge this week, after broadcasting from New York City last week. And hats off with holiday best wishes to several of our new affiliates that include:

KFAR, 660 AM in Fairbanks, Alaska.

KVOC,1330 AM in Casper, Wyoming.

WMQM,1600 AM in Memphis, Tennessee.

See you on the radio.

Campbell Joins Gov. Bush for Educational Reform!


On November 20-21, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, chairman of the Foundation for Excellence in Education (ExcelinEd), hosted the organization’s 2014 National Summit on Education Reform in Washington, D.C. At the nation’s premier annual education forum, lawmakers and policymakers were immersed in two days of in-depth discussions on proven policies and innovative strategies to improve student achievement. – Daughter Campbell spoke to the conference along with Bush, Condolisa Rice, and a number of others who are pushing educational reform.  Check out Campbell below.

Flash Mob: The U.S. Air Force Band at the Smithsonian!

I’m a big  flash mob  guy, and post a number of musical spontaneous events here on my website.  Here is a special one in the holiday season.  Starting with a single cellist on the floor of the National Air and Space Museum’s “Milestones of Flight” gallery, and swelling to 120 musicians, The U.S. Air Force Band exhilarated museum visitors with its first-ever flash mob. The four-minute performance featured an original arrangement of “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring/Joy to the World,” led by the band’s commander and conductor, Col. Larry H. Lang. Unsuspecting museum visitors including tourists and school groups were astonished as instrumentalists streamed into the gallery from behind airplanes and space capsules, and vocalists burst into song from the Museum’s second floor balcony.  Take a look.

December 10, 2014



The nation’s last congressional election took place in Louisiana last week. And the Republicans continued to sweep the South. Louisiana incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu lost baldly, and the political pundits said it was all Obama’s fault. But Landrieu missed numerous opportunities to save her seat and get re-elected. I write this week that all politics is local. But Landrieu failed to heed this common sense advice. Check out my new column now posted and see if you agree. You can also see some political cartoonists have profiled the race below. You can read my new column now by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

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Weekly Radio Schedule!

Radio 5

Boy, do we have a lively program set for this Sunday.  My first  guest is terrorist interrogator. To his friends and neighbors, Glenn L. Carle was a wholesome, stereotypical New England Yankee, a former athlete struggling against incipient middle age, someone always with his nose in an abstruse book. But for two decades Carle broke laws, stole, and lied on a daily basis about nearly everything. “I was almost never who I said I was, or did what I claimed to be doing.” He was a CIA spy. He thrived in an environment of duplicity and ambiguity, flourishing in the gray areas of policy.  Check  out his book by Clicking Here.


Then, as the year comes to a close and a new beginning is on the horizon, it’s a good time to talk about astrology. Do you believe the planets exert forces on us and that  we are all made of energy. We will talk with astrologer Joan Porte about this fascinating subject.  Read about Joan by Clicking Here.  So turn in for a great sh0w, and check your local listings for times and stations.  See you on the radio!

December 9, 2014

Good German Dance Music!

I was raised in St. Louis County, in a little community call Ladue Missouri. My friends and I would often drive the South St. Louis where a large German community was located. There were a number of German restaurants there, and always lots of music. Listen below to this compilation of German melodies that brought back fond memories to me.

New Orleans Comes Alive!

I want to take a minute and brag on my nephew, Gary Solomon, Jr. out of New Orleans.  This young man is about as talented as they come.  His company, Solomon Productions, produced and handled just about every aspect of the recent Essence Festival, the NBA All Star Game and numerous other major events throughout the country. Take a look at this impressive light and music show highlighting the history of New Orleans at Gallier Hall. It has drawn hundreds of thousands in the Crescent City. Gary put this whole show together.

December 3, 2014



Everyone sees to have an opinion as to what caused the turmoil in Ferguson, Missouri.   But there is a big difference between opinion and fact. I know this area well, having gone to high school in Ladue, Missouri than adjoins Ferguson. And it’s obvious to me that those with contrarian opinions too often want to ignore the facts that came out from the grand jury. Was the Michael Brown similar to what happened to Trayvon Martin? Not even close. Take a look at my new column and see if you agree. You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above or by Clicking Here.

Weekend Radio Schedule!


It’s December and many businesses are beginning to wind down their year. Not us here on the “Common Sense” radio show. We never slow down or even take a break. We are back at our home flagship station, Clear Channel’s WJBO, 1150 AM in Baton Rouge this week, after broadcasting from New York City last week. And hats off with holiday best wishes to several of our new affiliates that include:

KFAR, 660 AM in Fairbanks, Alaska.

KVOC,1330 AM in Casper, Wyoming.

WMQM,1600 AM in Memphis, Tennessee.


Ferguson, Mo. is still on the “hot topic” list, and we will raise the question of whether police officers should wear a camera in the line of duty. Is this an idea whose time has come? Would body cameras protect both police and public? How would it change the fairness of the criminal justice system? Pete Schulte has been a police officer, a prosecutor, and is now a defense attorney. We will see what he has to say. To access Pete’s website, Click Here.


And finally, new studies confirm that one of the best ways to stay healthy is to follow a Mediterranean diet of lots of fruits, vegetables, olive oils and nuts. Dr. Richard Lee is a Professor of medicine at the Stanford University School of Medicine, and he will be our guest to analyze the pros and cons of such a diet. Check his website by Clicking Here.  So a full agenda, and we sure you to listen and to check your local listings for times and stations. See you on the radio.

Thunderbolt-A Great Xmas Gift!


Here is the latest publication from The Lisburn Press that is creating a lot of excitement in the literary world.  Thunderbolt tells the story of a young Louisiana priest is on the fast track for promotion up the chain of authority in the Catholic Church, when he is embraced by a clandestine group of influential bishops from across the United States. The group is working on a viable plan to persuade the Vatican leadership to open for discussion three subjects that have been sacrosanct within the Catholic Church for centuries.

The novel weaves a suspenseful tale that raises such questions as the relevancy ofThe celibacy requirement for priests, the limitation of the priesthood to males, and the need for a changing roll of women in the church.  And it’s also a love story,  Wow! It’s a great read and a wonderful Christmas present.  You can find out more and order the book by Clicking Here.




November 25, 2014



What is it with these politicians bringing in outside officials to tell us how to vote? Then the problem gets compounded with the flooding of the airwaves paid for by out of state special interest money. Can’t voters in all states make up their own minds without this outside influence? I guess candidates think voters are too dumb to make up their own minds, and need help from vested interests all over America. I say Malarkey. Leave us alone, keep your tainted money and quite telling in state voters how to vote! That’s the focus of my new column now posted. You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

Radio Show Weekend!


Our Thanksgiving Weekend program is all lined up with a busy schedule of guests and topics. We will be live from New York City where the snow is supposed to come down in droves. So a good time to get into the holiday spirit. Did you shop on Black Thursday? No, not Friday, but Thursday?   Are there any days left for family togetherness? We will talk about it.


The Keystone pipeline continues to dominate news up in Washington as Congress tries to one up the president’s hand. What’s all this controversy about? We will talk with Bill O’Keefe, CEO of the Marshal Institute that concentrates on energy issues. You can read about his activities at


Then we will talk about good health with Dr. James Pinckney out of Dallas. He’s a pioneer in concierge healthcare where you pay so much a month directly to the physician with no insurance involved. Is this the wave of the future? Cut out the insurance companies? We will talk about it. Dr. James is pictured above (right) with my old friend and renowned baseball coach Larry Brown. See Dr. James’ website at   So tune in for a lively show. Check local listings for times and stations.

The Catch of the Century!


You probably have seen the football “catch of the century” by former LSU star receiver Odell Beckham, J., now playing for the New York Giants. Those of us who followed Odell during his years playing here in Baton Rouge have seen a number of acrobatic catches. But nothing like he pulled off Sunday against the Green Bay Packers. He’s been photo shopped in a number of positions.   Too see these clever photos, Click Here. And check out this amazing catch below.

November 19, 2014



The Keystone pipeline has become an issue that now dominates the U.S. Senate race in Louisiana. It’s the where all to end all dispute, and seems to be all that the two run off candidates are talking about. Incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu(D) and challenger Dr. Bill Cassidy(R) have each tried to “one up” the other in pleading how important a Keystone pipeline is to the economic future of Louisiana. My reaction? Hogwash! The issue will not mean diddlysquat to the Bayou State. No new jobs will be created and not a dime of economic development. Read my view in my now column now posted. You can read it by going to the Flashing Red Box above, or by Clicking Here.

And if you want to see a funny take on how both Democrats and Republicans have exaggerated the fact on Keystone, take a look at Jon Stewart’s rant.  Funny and right on.

Weekend Radio Program!


Well it’s the week before Thanksgiving, and most of the country is over and done with politics.  And thank goodness.  Well, except down in my home state of Louisiana.  We have a run off for U. S. Senator and congressional races, so us Red Necks and Cajuns will have to suffer through a few more weeks.  Will the new congress get anything done?   Don’t count on it and we will talk about it.


 And as we gear up for Thanksgiving, many are preparing to engage in a strange ritual that is consuming the traditional turkey dinner faster than we do. The ritual is the extension of Black Friday shopping into Thanksgiving Day, says international speaker John Horvat. I say a really bad idea. John has a new book called “Return to Order,” and you can find out more about it by Clicking Here.


We are also going to examine, in great detail, dozens of current cultural trends and historical patterns that do not merely suggest, but confirm and support the theory that America, if she continues on her current trajectory, will soon cease to exist as she was founded and as we know her.  Best-selling author/U.S. historian David Barton and best-selling author and founder of the Barna Group, George Barna, will join me to discuss   their new book, “U-Turn: Restoring America to the Strength of Its Roots“.  Find out more by Clicking Here.  So join us for a lively program.  Check local listings for times and stations.

A Great Louisiana Author!


I attend a number of book fairs and festivals, particularly in the South, to publicize my publications through The Lisburn Press. What a treat a few weeks ago to be joined by the great American writer and fellow Louisianan Ernest Gaines. His works have been taught in college classrooms and translated into many languages, including French, Spanish, German, Russian and Chinese. Four of his works have been made into television movies. His 1993 novel, A Lesson Before Dying, won the National Book Critics Circle Award for fiction. Gaines has been a MacArthur Foundation fellow, and awarded the National Humanities Medal. He is a real Louisiana treasure.

Mary Gautier-Quite a Singer!


Songwriter and singer Mary Gauthier came back home is week. The Baton Rouge gal gave a first-rate performance at the Red Dragon listening room, one of my favorite hangouts here along the Mississippi River her in “Red Stick.” Mary tours the country and has found fame up in Nashville, performing misty and emotion provoking songs, many that she has written. Here’s one of my favorites below, “I Drink.”  Check her out and see what you think.

November 12, 2014



Senators and governors of days past are turning over in their graves at the carrying on, or lack of thereof, by the candidates for U.S. Senate in Louisiana. Where have both incumbent democratic Senator Mary Landrieu and republican challenger Dr. Bill Cassidy been for all these months? Few voters around the state can remember seeing either candidate for years. What happened to “pressing the flesh,” and traveling all over Louisiana  to attend the large number of fairs and festivals? Is that way of politicking obsolete. NO, I say, and if you will read my new column, you will see my reasoning. You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

And check out below Eddie Murphy, in the movie Brewster’s Millions, carrying on about incompetence in politics, and voting for “None of the Above.”

Weekend Radio Program!


Weekend Radio Schedule to be posted Friday.

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