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August 27, 2014

Could a Ferguson Happen in Other Communities?


Was there something unique as to what happened in Ferguson, Missouri recently? Obviously, there was a major breakdown in communication and leadership, from just about everyone involved. And I mean everyone,  from the President, the Governor and all the others involved in this killing.  How about all those who jumped to conclusions? And are  other communities ripe for a similar outbreak of violence? Check out my new column now posted. You can read it by going to the Flashing Red Box above or by Clicking Here.

“Common Sense” Radio Weekend!


Common Sense Radio Weekend is at hand and we really have a great program set for our listeners all over America. And we do want to welcome a new addition to the “Common Sense” network of stations. KFAR 660am in Fairbanks, Alaska is our newest affiliate. Glad you are part of our network of stations. We note it’s in the 50s in Fairbanks right now. We look forward to talking and hearing from you folks way up north.


My column this weekend is about Ferguson, Mo. Could the same thing happen in your community? We will talk about it. And great news! Our President has decided to end his 16 day vacation and go back to work. Syria, Isis, Ferguson immigration crisis, and the Israeli – Palestine fighting was not enough to keep him off the golf course. We will sure have some comments.


And what are exorcisms and are they still going on in the Catholic Church? Author William Brazzel has written about them in his new book, “The Seventh Holy Man. Read more by Clicking Here. Then we will continue a religious theme as author Chelsen Vicari will talk about her book, “Distortion.”  (See by Clicking Here.)  Are politics, particularly from the Christian left, twisting the Gospel? We will talk about all this and much more. So join us. See you on the radio.


Fire ‘Em All in Washington!


So are you happy with the job your congressmen and senators are doing up in the nation’s capitol? Most Americans are not, as congress has an all time disapproval rating at 10% favorable. Those 10% must have been living in a hole. So you want to do something about it and protest? You can, and right now. Check out the flag that flies on my front porch at my home in Baton Rouge. That’s right! It says: “IN THE FALL, FIRE ‘EM ALL! If you want one, and who wouldn’t, you can order one now by Clicking Here.

Highlight of the Emmys!

I’m not a big sitcom TV watcher, but I do watch the Emmys for best performances each year. Seth Meyers hosted the Emmys, and I thought did a first rate job with his low-key humor. One of the funniest bits was his on the street interviews joined by his friend Billy Eikner. Take a look.

August 21, 2014



Louisiana’s U.S. Senate race has become a real knock down free for all. Incumbent Mary Landrieu is in the fight of her political life as Red State Louisiana becomes more republican. So can the Lady pull it off? Not out of the question, but in this current campaign, Landrieu has often been her own worst enemy. She seems to stumble by her own making weekly and Election Day is getting close. Take a look at my new column that weighs in on Landrieu’s chances. You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

Radio Show Weekend!


A jam-packed schedule is lined up for this Sunday’s “Common Sense” radio program. Will the President ever decide to come home form his vacation while the world seems to be going up in flames? We will take about it. Then cancer expert Bill Henderson will offer some ideas about alternative medicines. Educational expert Dara Feldman is not happy with how we teach our kids in elementary and high school, and neither are we. We will listen to her thoughts about a major makeover. And Pulitzer Prize winner Alison Lurie Thinks Buildings Say a Whole Lot About Us. “Your house can tell others whether you’re happy or well organized or friendly—even what your politics are.” Didn’t know that did you? So tune and give a listen. We will see you on the radio.


He Can Still Really Sing!


Do you remember the singing group, The Subdudes, who were so popular back in the70s and 80s? Lead singer Tommy Malone still tours and is still quite a performer. He was in my hometown of Baton Rouge last week at the Red Dragon Listen Room. Check out Tommy and the Subdudes on the David Letterman Show some years back. I can tell you. His voice hasn’t changed one bit.

August 13, 2014




Energy production has been a mainstay of the Gulf Coast states, particularly in Louisiana, for well over a half a century. Actor Jimmy Steward echoed the prevailing view in his 1950s movie, “Thunder Bay,” when he told the oil production naysayers: “There’s oil under this Gulf. We need it. Everybody needs it. Without oil, this country of ours would stop and start to die.” OK, we do need lots of fossil fuel. But what’s the trade off? Did Louisiana make a deal with the devil and accept significant bad consequences with all the royalty money rolling in? Check out my new column that discusses this very issue now posted. You can read it by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

August 12, 2014

Your Political Protest!

IMG_0512 2

So are you happy with the job your congressmen and senators are doing up in the nation’s capitol? Most Americans are not, as congress has an all time disapproval rating at 10% favorable. Those 10% must have been living in a hole. So you want to do something about it and protest? You can, and right now. Check out the flag that flies on my front porch at my home in Baton Rouge. That’s right! It says: “IN THE FALL, FIRE ‘EM ALL! If you want one, and who wouldn’t, you can order one now by Clicking Here.

Solomon Group in High Demand!


If you want to read about a remarkable young man, look over the business success story of my nephew, Gary Solomon, Jr. It seems like no major sporting or entertainment spectacle takes place anywhere in the country without the Solomon group being involved. The Essence Festival, the Superbowl, the NBA All-star game, and major conventions nationwide are more and more calling on Gary Jr. Take a look at the article below to give you an idea of Gary’s impact on the entertainment industry. What a future he has in store. Read more by Clicking Here.

August 6, 2014

Richard Nixon and Louisiana!


Former President Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace 40 years ago this week, as Watergate brought him down. He did it to himself by taping all his office conversations. But is the Watergate scandal his only lasting legacy? I met Nixon on two different occasions, and I take a look back in my new column. He had fond memories of my home state of Louisiana. You can read all about my thoughts on the 37th President by going to the Flashing Red Box above, or by Clicking Here.

And below is a photo of my introducing the former Vice President at Tulane Law School in 1966.


Radio Program Schedule!


Weekend Radio is close at hand and we have a lot to talk about this weekend. Stations coast to coast, so check local listings for times and stations carry our program. Or you can listen live over the Genesis Communications Network by going to the Genesis box on the upper left side of this website. We will try to make some sense about the past week’s news. Common Sense is often had to find with those who are supposed to be looking out for us in the nation’s capitol.


Can robots play a major role in caring for and communicating with senior citizens who need constant care? Dr. Louise Aronson, University of California professor and practicing physician will join us to discuss that benefits for future robot use. Her book is called “A History of the Present Illness,” and you can read more about it by Clicking Here.


Then Marc Dunkelman joins us to discuss his new book, The Vanishing Neighbor, where he shows how the traditional web of relationships that makes up American life is undergoing fundamental change, why it matters, and what we need to do about it. You can read all about Mark’s book by Clicking Here.  So join us on the radio.

August 5, 2014

Campbell Pushes Educational Reform!


Well if you have not been following the major educational debate taking place from coast to coast, daughter Campbell is leading the charge for change in the teacher tenure laws. And boy has she stirred things up. Check out her appearance below on The Colbert Report, and then the comments in support of Campbell’s efforts by Whoopee Goldberg. Then you can read some of the national press she is receiving.  Click Here to read the latest from The New York Times, and Click Here for recent article in the Rochester News.

Mississippi Grit Gal-Lynn Drury!


Lynn Drury is a New Orleans gal that has been apart of the Southern music scene much longer than her young looks let on. She has a great southern outlaw flare with music that is soulful and that reflects a tough life-Maybe Mississippi grit. I enjoyed her concert last week in Baton Rouge at the Red Dragon Listening Room, my regular weekend stop. Take a listen. Her website is found by Clicking Here.

July 30, 2014




So what’s up in the Louisiana U.S. Senate race? Can you believe that not many voters like any of the candidates? Incumbent Democrat Mary Landrieu has to deal with the President as an anchor around her neck, and Republican Bill Cassidy seems to only know how to say NO. Tea Party candidate Rob Maness seems lost in the shuffle. This race, the last to be held in the nation, has voters shaking their heads. So is there an alternative? Maybe. Check out my new column now posted. You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

July 29, 2014

Weekend Radio Show!


Radio Weekend is at hand, and there sure will be a lot to discuss this Sunday. Is the president lost his way and out of touch? The world is in chaos, and he and his family are leaving for a 16-day vacation to Martha’s Vineyard. Oh, I know it’s a “working vacation.” But the perception stinks. Stay home in the White House and do your job Mr. President. We will discuss.


You’ve probably heard of the term “fracking” and have a foggy understanding that it has something to do with extracting natural gas from the ground. But are there bad consequences? We will talk with engineer and environmentalist Greg Kozera.


The Bible contains some remarkable stories of miracles
and divine interventions. Are these types of events still
happening today? Daniel Fazzina, author and host
of the long-running radio show Divine Intervention, will be our guest. His book is called “Divine Intervention: 50
True Stories of God’s Miracles Today,” and you can find out more about it by Clicking Here.

And finally, the Isreali-Palesine crisis will be discussed. Danny Muller focuses on disaster management and response in the Middle East and Haiti. He says, “What can’t be seen or understood in the pictures and reporting coming out of Gaza is the long term impact the most recent Israeli assault is having on the young minds of children in Gaza. ” Is his analysis correct?  Tune in to see what you think.  So join us.

Campbell’s Efforts in Education Reform!


Well, daughter Campbell has not slowed down a bit in her quest to dramatically improve public education in New York. She is presently heading up an effort to dramatically revise teacher tenure rules, and hold wayward teachers much more accountable. She is the force behind a new lawsuit that challenges a number of present rules and regulations. The lawsuit asserts that three years isn’t enough time to determine whether a teacher should receive tenure; takes issue with the lengthy disciplinary process required to dismiss teachers, opposes the “last in, first out” statute that privileges senior teachers during layoffs, and takes aim at the state’s teacher evaluation system. To read all about her efforts, Click Here.

Trouble for a Great Musician!

CIMG1096 2

David Eagan has been around singing at concerts and Listening Rooms through the South and Midwest for many years. He’s a talented singer, a great storyteller and first-rate musician. I’ve heard him on several occasions and he’s quite a guy. Please keep David and his family in your thoughts and prayers. I was informed yesterday that his cancer has returned and that he has entered hospice care. Such a talented man.   What a tragedy.

July 23, 2014



The death penalty is rarely enforced anymore, and there is a good reason. It seems a week does not go by in the U.S. where some convict sitting on death row has good lawyers who turn up evidence of prosecutorial misconduct. There have been convicts here in my home state of Louisiana who have comes within days of being executed, and later found to be innocent. And in way too many instances, rogue prosecutors in both the state and federal system withheld evidence of their innocence from their lawyers. New Orleans is particularly a cesspool of prosecutors who purposely hide exculpatory evidence. So what gives? Check out my new column now posted about this real miscarriage of justice. You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

Radio Weekend Update!


The weekend is closing in, and there is so much going on in the news for us to talk about on the Common Sense Weekend program. We were not able to connect, because of international transmission problems, with our guest David Dellit. He will be on our show this weekend to continue our discussion: it necessary to believe in God in order to be a good, moral person? Unlike the rest of the industrialized countries surveyed by the Pew Research Center, the majority of people in the United States say yes – a belief in God is necessary to be good and moral.  David is the author of “The Valentine Prophecies,” (  He will join us live from Australia.

 Then we will go to the weekly news and so much controversy to discuss. Was Gov. Rick Perry right to call out the National Guard to try and control the Texas-Mexican border? Should Israel have invaded Palestine strongholds in Gaza and the West Bank? What does the U.S. do about the renewed aggressiveness of Russia? The list grows long. So be sure and join us. Check your local listings for times and stations in your area. See you on the radio.

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