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Weekend Radio Show!


Radio Show Time!

Sunday is just around the corner, we are already preparing for a lively weekend radio program. We broadcast Sunday mornings from 9 AM until 11 AM. But on numerous stations across the country, our program is run at various times throughout the day. For example, herein my hometown of Baton Rouge, the region’s largest station, 1150 AM-WJBO, runs our program from 12:00 noon until 2:00 pm.  So be sure and check your local listings for times and stations.  Here are just a few of the recent stations that have signed up to run the “Common Sense” Show:

 KQEW 102.3 FM-Fordyce,, Arkansas

KMET 1490 AM-Banning, California

WTHV 810 AM – Valdosta, Georgia

WTHQ 750 AM- Paducah, Kentucky

WSIC 1400 AM-Statesville, North Carolina

WPGG 1450 AM-Atlantic City, New Jersey

As far as Sunday’s show, we begin at the top of the hour with a discussion about how hundreds of Americans die needlessly every day because of dangers found at even the most impressive medical centers. TV medical reporter Pat Mastors will discuss what’s slipping through the cracks at numerous hospitals.  Her new book is entitled  “Design to Survive,” and you can read all about the problem by Clicking Here.


Then our old friend, Van Mayhall, join the show to give us an update on his hot new thriller, Judas the Apostle.  Did Judas actually betray Jesus Christ?  Van is close to publishing a sequel, and you can read more about the novel by Clicking Here.


Finally, when someone dies, does his or her digital world continue to live?  This concept is not very far off with the new age of a “digital death.” These days, you can set up your Facebook, Twitter, and even email to send messages for you after you die.  E.J. Simon will join us to talk about his new book,  Death Never Sleeps. You can find out more about it by Clicking Here.



And finally, we will explore why Asian kids seem to do so better in American schools. Are there Chinese secrets that show a different approach to discipline and learning? There’s a new book out that gives these secrets and we will talk about them. It’s written by Yukong Zhao, and it is called “The Chinese Secrets for Success.”  More about the book by Clicking Here.  See you on the radio.


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