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Who Breached National Security?


 It’s soap opera at its best.  Far better than any soap on TV. A shirtless FBI agent, secret emails, and a cat fight over the affections of the guy who runs America’s spy network, and he happens to be married to the “Good Wife.” Can it get any juicer than this?  But is it truth or fiction that the nation’s security has been put at risk over these “dangerous liaisons?”  Was it the FBI themselves who breached national security?  It’s hard to make this kind of stuff up.  Take a look at my new column, now posted, that tries to make some sense of it all.  You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

And check out these two videos below.  Comedian Jimmy Kimmel does a good job, in a humous vein, in explaining all the players in this scandal.  But the second video, is a chilling report, on how dangerous government operatives can become in prying into  a person’s life.  It’s disturbing, so take a look.

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